Elizabeth gold hammered
Gold solidus of Helena
Rods ring top
Rods ring
Saxon stirrup mount
Bronze Age gold ring
14th-15th century cast bronze door or chest key

The Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club arranges metal detecting days out for people from all walks of life. This friendly club is perfect for novices as well as experienced  detectorists and is easy to join. So, why not explore our web site & find out more about what we do, where we dig & see what we have found!

We normally meet up on Sundays & occasionally on Saturdays but also hold regular Thursday digs too. Our members come from all over the UK  to our popular digs although most of the land that we search is in the counties of Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey.

Subject to favorable weather, dry parking and harvesting, our well organized detecting days out continue nearly all year round. Detecting usually starts at 9.30 am and continues until dusk & costs just 12 on the day with no charge for children under twelve.

We excel at obtaining permission to hold digs for the club on new country estates &  farms. As a Weekend Wanderer member you could also benefit from our extensive knowledge of local history and our expertise in researching maps & archaeological documents.

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